Amitanshu Choudhary

Amitanshu Choudhary is the Assistant Development Manager and Team Leader for the Sukhi Baliraja Initiative and Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra (SBI-CAIM) Programme. He has been a part of SBI-CAIM for over six years. His past experience includes stints at PRADAN and AKRSP(I). At PRADAN, he worked with micro finance institutions for women of Raigarh (Chattisgarh) and Koderma (Jharkhand) to enhance and enable them and to link them with mainstream institutions like banks and block offices. In addition, he also anchored, at the grassroots level, the promotion of various livelihood activities in the post cocoon sector (reeling of tasar silk yarn) and scientific techniques of agriculture.

At AKRSP(I), he led a team of 10 professionals across various activities such as proposal writing, financial work planning, team management and team capacity building, and financial and physical achievement reporting for salinity ingress prevention and mitigation measures under the Kharash Vistarotthan Yojana.    

As Assistant Development Manager and Team Leader for SBI-CAIM, his duties include the following:

a) To anchor the SBI-CAIM programme in Vidarbha and to be the official representative of Tata Trusts for the CAIM programme at district as well as state level.
b) To lead the team of five management staff and three external resource persons and administer their day-to-day working for ensuring optimum productivity.
c) To strategise, plan and execute end-to-end integrated projects in 15 clusters of the area.
d) To supervise other projects/activities in Vidarbha such as the education portfolio, MIS projects, developing various communication material such as movies on SBI/CAIM, reports/notes/presentations for the Trustees, etc.

Mr Choudhary holds a bachelor of engineering degree in metallurgy and a post graduate diploma in rural management.

Manoj Bande

Manoj Bande holds the position of Assistant Development Officer – Agriculture at SBI-CAIM since January 2012. Mr Bande has worked with AFPRO (Action for Food Production) for two years and with IKEA (Sweden) funded Better Management Practices cotton project (Yavatmal district of Maharashtra and Rajkot and Surendranagar districts of Gujarat) covering 26,000 farmers. He also has two years of experience with CSIR - NEERI on the ‘Review of Standards for Land Disposal of Treated Effluent for Irrigation’ project.

As Assistant Development Officer – Agriculture at SBI-CAIM, he is responsible for:

a) Overall planning of strategy for implementation of the Integrated Pest Management project in SBI – CAIM project clusters.
b) Partnership and linkage with agricultural institutions for technical support to farmers.
c) Developing village-level resource persons for knowledge dissemination with the help of agricultural institutions.
d) Conducting live demonstrations for farmers through resource persons. 
e) Providing resource input for the capacity building events/trainings planned under the project.

Mr Bande has a master of science degree in agricultural chemistry and soil science from Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola.

Rahul Madhukarrao Dabhane

Rahul Madhukarrao Dabhane is the Development Officer – Marketing at SBI-CAIM. Mr Dabhane has been associated with SBI-CAIM since 2012 and leads the agricultural marketing and agribusiness development for SBI. He has more than six years of experience in the field and has earlier worked as a marketing officer in several organisations. His areas of interest include collective action for developing sustainable revenue-generating businesses and small and medium enterprises with farmer producer organisations. Mr Dabhane has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and has done a post graduate programme in management from the International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore.

Bhakti Dhawle

Bhakti Dhawle is the Assistant Development Officer- Micro Finance at SBI-CAIM. She has been a part of SBI-CAIM since 2012. Ms Dhawle has worked as a Programme Co-ordinator for the Partner Support Programme at Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust in Mumbai, which focuses on community mobilisation, health, working with the differently-abled population and awarding educational scholarships with medical grants. She has also anchored for Pratibimb, an annual event to promote entrepreneurship by providing a wide platform to showcase the work of partners.

As Assistant Development Officer- Micro Finance her role involves:

a) Anchoring the work of community-based institution development in 300 villages of the six distressed districts of Vidarbha under the joint SBI-CAIM project of the Tata Trusts and the Government of Maharashtra.
b) Create sustainable village-level Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Producer Groups (PGs) and later on federate the village-level groups to cluster-level registered Institutional bodies like Federation and Producer Companies (PCs).
c) Overall working with around 1,000 SHGs/PGs (15,000 beneficiaries) and eight PCs and one Federation under SBI-CAIM.
d) Working with financial institutions like banks, MFIs, etc in the region to mobilise desired credit support to groups.
e) Mentoring various students of reputed institutes for internship projects.

Bhakti Dhawle has a master’s degree in counseling.

Lakshita Dhawle

Ms Dhawle joined SBI-CAIM in October 2013 as an Assistant Development Officer - Grant Management. Her current responsibilities include:

a) Streamlining the document process of SBI-CAIM.
b) Facilitating and managing the ERPs, consultants and external stakeholders for SBI projects.
c) Facilitating third party assessments, scoping studies and monitoring of projects under SBI-CAIM.
d) Developing and strengthening the communication portfolio of SBI.
e) Working as a liaison between the Trusts-level grant management team and programme team.

Lakshita Dhawle has a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication.